Holiday for March - Discover the Best Holiday Destinations for March

As winter starts to back off and spring shows up, saying, "Hey, I'm here," March turns into the perfect time to hit the reset button with a trip. The weather's on point, the festivals are popping off, and the views? Absolutely breathtaking. March has got it all, from heart-racing adventures and deep dives into different cultures to just kicking back and soaking in some peace. This guide's about to double down on the best spots to check out, making your March one for the books with twice the fun and zero chills.

1. Bali, Indonesia

As March rolls in and Bali waves bye to its rainy vibes, the island turns into a must-visit spot for anyone looking to chill or find some zen. Picture this: lush jungles, crystal-clear beaches, and a vibe that just screams 'relax and find yourself.' Ubud's where it's at for culture junkies - think dope art scenes, ancient temples that are all kinds of majestic, and yoga retreats that'll get your mind and body right. It's twice the experience packed into one go, promising both adventure and the ultimate unwind session.

For anyone who's all about that beach life, Bali's southern coast is like hitting the jackpot. You've got Canggu, where the chill factor is 100, and then there's Nusa Dua, with its swanky resorts that make you feel like royalty. And you just can't miss the epic sunset at Tanah Lot, with the temple chilling on a rock in the middle of the sea, looking like something straight out of a dream. It's a mix of chill vibes and luxe living down here, with a side of stunning scenery. You can get more awesome Bali info here.

2. Japan

March in Japan is seriously next-level because of cherry blossom season. Picture this: entire cities turning shades of pink and white as sakura blooms take over. It's not just about snapping pics but also about those hanami parties where everyone—locals and travelers—chill under the trees. But wait, there's way more. Tokyo throws you into a whirlwind of fashion, tech, and pop culture. Kyoto is your go-to for a historic vibe with its temples and shrines.

And for a throwback feel, Takayama offers that old-town charm and some top-notch sake. It's like diving into a mix of modern vibes and ancient traditions, all while the country dresses up in cherry blossoms. Double the blooms, double the fun, and a whole lot of culture to soak in. Here is some more great info on Japan.

3. Costa Rica

Alright, for anyone who's into chasing adventures and totally vibing with nature, Costa Rica in March is like hitting the jackpot. This place is unreal with its dense jungles, gorgeous beaches, and the kind of animal lineup that makes you feel like you've stepped into another world. Seriously, this spot in Central America is the ultimate playground for anyone looking to dive into some exploration and get their excitement levels sky-high.

Now, let me put you onto something: Manuel Antonio National Park is a must-visit. It's your ticket to wandering through tropical forests, where you can peep at some cool wildlife like sloths just hanging out and monkeys doing their thing. Plus, the beaches are next level - we're talking pristine, white sand where you can just chill and soak in all the good vibes. But hold up, there's more!

If you're the type that gets a kick out of feeling your heart race, Costa Rica's got your back. Imagine zip-lining across the Monteverde Cloud Forest - it's like you're flying, but surrounded by this insane canopy and all sorts of exotic sights. Or, get this, white-water rafting on the Pacuare River. It's a total thrill with rapids that'll have you pumped and ready for more. So yeah, Costa Rica? It's where it's at for anyone looking to mix some chill nature moments with pure adrenaline rushes.

So, March is basically the kick-off for the dry season in Costa Rica, which means it's prime time for hitting up those beaches. Over in the Guanacaste region, right on the Pacific coast, you've got some of the sickest beaches in the country, think Tamarindo and Playa Conchal. This is where you wanna be for all the good stuff - surfing, snorkeling, or just lazing around in a hammock with a cool coconut drink in hand. It's all about that beach life, soaking up the sun, and living your best life by the sea.

4. Morocco

If you're on the hunt for a vacay that's all kinds of exotic and totally mesmerizing, Morocco in March is where it's at. This place is a whole vibe with its popping culture, ancient cities that feel like stepping back in time, and those insane desert views that look like they're straight out of a movie. Morocco's got it all for the adventurous souls out there.

Kick things off in Marrakech, famously known as the “Red City.” This place is an absolute maze of coolness. You can wander around the old medina, get lost in the twisty alleys, haggle like a pro in the lively souks for some unique finds, and get your taste buds dancing with some legit Moroccan dishes. Don't skip out on the Bahia Palace either - it's this gorgeous piece of Moroccan architecture that'll have you snapping pics non-stop. And for a chill moment, hit up the Majorelle Garden. It's this peaceful spot where you can just relax and soak in all the beauty around you.

If you're itching for a wild desert vibe, hit up a safari in Merzouga for some serious Sahara magic. Imagine riding a camel across epic golden dunes, catching a sunset that throws up colors you didn't even know existed, and then crashing at a traditional Berber camp, staring up at a sky so full of stars it'll blow your mind. Need to chill? Chefchaouen's your spot. Tucked away in the Rif Mountains, this city is all shades of blue and as chill as it gets. Wander around, take in those easy-going vibes, and just soak it all in.

5. New Zealand

Jump over to New Zealand in March, and you're in for a treat 'cause autumn's kicking in. It's all stunning scenery and perfect weather. From snow-topped mountains to untouched beaches, the place is an open invite for anyone looking to mix up some adventure with their chill.

South Island is where it's at for an experience you won't forget. Milford Sound is just jaw-dropping - we're talking massive cliffs, waterfalls, and you, in the middle of it all on a boat or kayak. Then there's the Routeburn Track, winding through the Southern Alps with views that'll make you wanna never leave.

Don't skip the North Island though. Rotorua's like walking onto another planet with its geysers and neon-colored hot springs. And for a slice of culture, the Bay of Islands offers a deep dive into Maori history, dolphin watching, or just some top-notch beach time.

6. Maldives

So, if you're hunting for that top-tier tropical vacay, jet off to the Maldives come March. Picture this: crystal-clear blue waters, the whitest sandy beaches you've ever seen, and these fancy overwater villas that scream luxury. The Maldives is basically the dream spot for anyone looking to chill in style and maybe spoil themselves rotten.

Imagine kicking it at one of those swanky resorts, where they've got everything from spa days that'll have you floating, to gourmet eats that'll have your taste buds dancing. Fill your days with diving or snorkeling among some insane coral reefs, hanging with colorful fish, sea turtles, and yeah, even sharks if you're looking for that thrill.

And for something you'll probs never forget, hit up a sunset cruise on one of those traditional dhoni boats. Watching the sun set with a cool drink in hand is the vibe. Or, go all out with a private dinner on your own little piece of sand in the middle of the ocean. Talk about romance or just an epic way to treat yourself. The Maldives in March is where it's at for that unbeatable beach luxury.


Alright, Iceland in March is a whole vibe if you're into something totally different. Yeah, it's gonna be on the cooler side, but this is prime time to catch the Northern Lights doing their thing. It's like the sky turns into this insane light show with colors you gotta see to believe - all thanks to some science stuff with particles and the Earth's atmosphere.

But Iceland's not just about those lights. There's a ton of epic nature to check out. Like, you've gotta hit up the Blue Lagoon. It's this wild geothermal spa where you can chill in these warm, mineral-rich waters with crazy beautiful volcanic scenery all around. Then, there's the Golden Circle road trip - it's a must. You get to see the Gullfoss waterfall, which is straight-up majestic, the Geysir geothermal area with all its steaming vents, and Thingvellir National Park, packed with history.

And for something super unique, trek over to Vatnajökull National Park. You can hike on the biggest glacier in Europe, peek into some cool ice caves, and check out the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. It's this peaceful spot where you can see icebergs floating in this serene blue lake. Totally one-of-a-kind experience.

As you can see, March is like the golden ticket to some seriously awesome vacay spots, no matter what you're into. Looking for some chill vibes, adrenaline-pumping adventures, deep cultural dives, or just stunning views? There's definitely a spot out there with your name on it. Time to pack up, let that adventure spirit lead the way, and go check out all the cool stuff the world's got on offer in March.

Just a heads up, though - while these places are all kinds of amazing, a little homework goes a long way. Make sure to sort out where you're staying and how you're getting there well in advance. Oh, and keep an eye on any travel heads-ups or no-gos that might pop up.

And hey, if you're not flying solo, think about what everyone you're heading out with is into and what they can handle. Some spots might be a better fit depending on who's coming along for the ride and what everyone's up for. So, yeah, a bit of planning can make sure your trip is all kinds of epic for everyone involved.

Alright, so here's the deal: really dive into the vibe of wherever you end up. Like, actually try out the local food, pick up a bit of the language, and chat with the people there. It's those real, down-to-earth moments that make a trip unforgettable, you know?

So, if you're out there getting lost in Japan's cherry blossoms, wandering through Morocco's old medinas, or running after those wild Northern Lights in Iceland, just soak it all in. March is your ticket to some serious magic and stories you'll be telling for ages. Have the best time!

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The Travel007 crew.

23th March 2024